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Students will use colorful indicators, either from their school’s supplies, or from the resource kit, to measure the pH of their local body of water. They will be learning about acidity, one of the most common chemical properties encountered around the home. At the same time they will be learning good experimental techniques to test the reliability of their results. Combining the results for the class will provide a robust result that can be recorded on the Global Map.

  • The experiment has been developed and tested with both primary and secondary school classes. Results of suitable quality can be routinely achieved by students.
  • The topics of acids and bases, and water quality are common in both upper primary and junior and senior high school.
  • Students will replicate measurements and aggregate individual results to gain an appreciation of the scientific process of establishing the reliability of results,
  • Ancillary activities will encourage teachers to help students become familiar with acid-base concepts through measurement of the pH of household materials and exploring the stability of pH.


  • 100 mg samples of the two indicators;
  • a colour chart for each indicator;
  • test tubes and dropper pipettes; and
  • instructions for the experiment will be required for each class.


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